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    Default Damp walls in bath

    I am new to TOH, and just starting to try my hand at home projects. One of our baths is damp after a shower, even with a fan running. THere are also water stains on the walls where it is damp (also one spot in the attached bedroom). THere is no bubbling in the paint on the walls. I have two questions: Could this be water coming in from outside, if we have no bubbling? How can we stop dampness? Do we need a new fan, perhaps? Better ventilation? Suggestions?


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    Default Re: Damp walls in bath

    the first step to solve this problem, is to make sure that the ventilation is adequate. you say you have a fan but the question is "is it replacing the air fast enough. an easy way to tell is to take a kleenex or toilet paper, close the bathroom door and window and hold it up to the fan, if you can pull it off the fan easily when it's on, try opening the bathroom door and do it again and see if there's a difference. whatever air the fan pulls out has to be replaced and if the door seals pretty tight you can trim 1/4" to 1/2" off the bottom of the door which should give you ample air to replace what the fan removes. if the tissue isn't pulled any tighter into the fan when the bathroom door is open then you might want to try replacing the fan with a stronger unit. one other thing to check would be the flap on the exterior of the house, make sure it's opening when the fan is on.

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