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    Default Cover a floor drain?

    Hello all,

    I know that it is a Bad Thing to cover up anything permanently when dealing with renovations. (electrical boxes, shutoff valves, etc)

    I have 3 floor drains in the poured concrete floor of my (currently) unfinished basement, and I would like to install a subfloor of some kind. I'm assuming that I can't just cover them up with permanent sub-floor, even if I use a system that allows for the drainage* of any 'accidental' water, right?

    If nothing else, I would think that I would need some kind of access just to make sure the trap stays full... Althought it would certainly make everything easier if I didn't have to.

    * - DriCore or the like

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    Default Re: Cover a floor drain?

    You could remove the drain cover/strainer and put on a female adapter with threads to screw in a plug that could be removed later if needed. Then put down your new sub-floor and cut a trap door in it with a countersink pull ring (opener ring will be flush with the sub-floor) and hinges to open it in the future. Then do the same thing on the floor (wood, linoleum tiles, or carpet tiles/pieces). I wouldn't recommend any kind of permanent or difficult to remove flooring such as rolled linoleum, rolled carpet or ceramic tile. Then if you don't like seeing the countersink pull ring, cover it with an area rug or furniture. Good Luck!

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