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    Default Stubborn Bath Stopper

    I recently bought a house that has 2 bath tubs with the same fixtures/drains. To close the drain, it states to "PUSH" on the top of the stopper. I've tried this, along with pushing and twisting and any other variation. Could you help me with this problem? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Stubborn Bath Stopper

    This type of stopper works like a retractable ballpoint pen (the click type ). By pushing on the top edge you force down the spring and engage the lock mechanism, by pushing the opposite side you disengage the lock and it pops up. One of the easiest thing to do is to screw or unscrew the stopper one or two turns and try again because it uses the pressure of the rubber seal to help hold the lock mechanism in place. If it's screwed in too far then the lock can't engage, not far enough and there's no back pressure to keep it locked.

    The other option is that the spring or lock mechanism has failed and you need to replace the stopper. Unscrew it from the drain and take it with you to the store to match up the new one.
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