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    Default Cinder Crete between the Joists

    Recently ran into a home built in the 1920's in an Irish neighborhood that I was told was called a "kinko" and was a typical type of construction in Irish neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY at the time. It is a four story two family/two duplex with two separate entrances.
    Between the 3x8 joists there was laid about 3" of cindercrete supported by 1x6 T&G pine placed on furring strips. I have seen similar framing in deafened joists for mud jobs for tiling, but the cindercrete tops out a good 3" below the deck level so I don't think that was the intent. Since a lot of effort went into doing it, I would be interested in knowing it's original purpose.
    One thing I did notice is that because of this construction there is no cross bracing between the joists. I'm presuming that the mass negated the need for any, although I doubt that was its main intent.

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    Default Re: Cinder Crete between the Joists

    i got a different image in my head so it didnt click. Sounded to me like he meant it was done throughout te entire place under al flooring.

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