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    Default replace toilet floor flange

    I saw your video to replace a floor flange, but you worked with metal pipe. My situation is working with plastic pipe. One side of the flange is broken where the closet bolt mounts. needs to be replaced?

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    Default Re: replace toilet floor flange

    If you can remove the old flange replace it with one that has a metal ring. If not then use the Quik-Fix. Be sure to screw it down to the floor.


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    Default Re: replace toilet floor flange

    You could possibly install a partial flange/repair part under the existing partially broken one. Removing the plastic flange is a bit more difficult, it requires cutting it off the pipe, install a coupling and a bit of pipe, then attach the new flange. Most home improvement stores won't sell you just a small piece of pipe, so a repair flange would be easier and less costly. Good Luck!

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