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    Question arts and crafts home

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie seeking wisdom.
    We have a 100 year old Arts and Crafts Bungalow and are in
    the midst of restoring it to it's former glory. We recently took
    layers of paint off of the oak woodwork and now want to apply
    a paint to the walls that would look good against the dark wood.
    I have tried finding pictures to guide me along, but have found very few. Does anyone have any ideas of where to find paint information or has anyone successfully used the true colors of Arts and Crafts homes? Any info at all is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: arts and crafts home

    Not sure about the colors but your town or county should have a historic society that will most likely be able to help you with information about historically accurate colors. Check on line or with the town hall to find the historic society.


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    Default Re: arts and crafts home

    Not sure if these are considered "true colors" but I uesd a color called Oak Cask on my walls and and I can't remember the fireplace color. But with my dark wood, it created a very warm room. My house is much younger than yours though - 1935. Might give you an idea or two though. I replaced all my wood work because someone before me had painted it So I bought all fresh pine, stained and retrimmed my living room to look original. You'd never know Good luck finding a paint you like.

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