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    Default cupping hardwood floors

    I have 3/8" 3" maple hardwood that is cupping. A moisture barrier was placed over concrete, then plywood subfloor. The installer placed roofing paper on top of plywood before nailing down the floor. Some rooms are much worse than others, but the floor overall looks terrible. What can be done to correct the cupping? If that is sanding and refinishing, could the cupping return? I am in south florida.

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    Default Re: cupping hardwood floors

    What type of vapor barrier was placed on the concrete?
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    Default Re: cupping hardwood floors

    if the wood floor is cupping as bad as you say and theirs a slab dircetly beneath it. id be worried about fixing the source of the water coming in first more so than fixing hte cupping. its like putting a bandaid on a leg thats been cut off
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    Default Re: cupping hardwood floors

    There's a moisture issue that needs to be corrected. Doesn't mean there's a water issue but could be from temperature differential between the slab and room temperature creating excessive condensation. I'll bet if the some flooring is removed there are signs of moisture on top of the vapour barrier covering the concrete.
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