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    Default Replacement Boilers

    I am looking to replace an existing boiler, the two heating companies in the area gave bids on two different brands of boilers. One is the Slant/Fin Bobcat, the other is a Trinity Ti150. Don't know much about these. Has anybody had any experience [good or bad] with either brand? I would appreciate any input. Both bids were in the mid $8,000 range. A lot of money to gamble with. I live in MI. this system is a baseboard radiant heat on 4 zones. Need some input.

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    Not familiar with either boiler, but here are some links:

    Also Google "trinity Ti150 problems"

    Also Google "slant Fin Bobcat problems"

    Also Google "Triangle Tube Solo problems"

    I've heard good things about the Triangle Tube Prestige Solo--has a stainless steel heat exchanger---the aluminum HE on the Bobcat is not recommended in hard water locations.

    It should be noted that the problems listed on these links are a year or two old & may have been completely corrected by now.
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