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    Default Vinyl Siding Care and Maintenance

    I would love to find some more information about vinyl siding for maintenance purposes. How to clean it, how to replace and match pieces that are broken. Or is there a proper way to seal and camoflague small holes? What is the proper way to attach utilities to it? How do you properly affix house numbers? Can you add outlets or other fixtures without having to remove it all? What is the proper way to frame a window with vinyl siding? What happens if water gets in behind it? There are many opinions out there, and not many of them seem right.

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    Default Re: Vinyl Siding Care and Maintenance

    ok well for cleaning it spray nine works best mixed with water and a scrub brush

    for replacing damaged peices you need to get a peice the same color and a "zip tool" it unlocks the siding so you can remove it

    for sealing small holes simply use clear siding caulking. for attaching utilities you just need to screw through it using either stainless steel or epoxy coated screws.

    if you want to install a outlet like a light fixture or a gfci outlet you just use the zip tool, pop off one or two peices then install a E_BLOCK which the electric box mounts inside then fit the siding to it and pop the trim ring on

    for framing windows and doors, it just requires "J-channel" its a trim for vinyl which the siding tucks into .

    as for sealing it, water gets behind vinyl very easily so the prep is key, you have to make sure the housewrap and flashing is extremely water tight via back caulking all j channel, taping nailing flanges on windows and trim peices, along with proper cap flashings and use of peal and stick flashing
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