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    Exclamation fiber-board siding, no sheathing, water damage

    My wife and I bought a 1970's single story house a few years back. After moving in we've begun to notice major issues with this house not to mention the water-damaged siding. The house is on a concrete slab (no crawl space), and it appears as though the fiber-board siding was nailed directly to the 2x4 studs without vapor barrier or sheathing. I need to replace the rotting siding, but am really worried that there may be water damage to the surrounding structure. It appears that the house was not built on a slope, and the previous owners had just kept painting over the rot to hide it. When i start to pull the siding, should i install sheathing, tyvex, then new siding? Or should I go with a fiber-cement siding and do exactly what was done before (nail directly to studs).

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    Default Re: fiber-board siding, no sheathing, water damage

    Howdy a photo would be helpful. Have you considered just siding over the existing siding? unless the siding has delaminated and swelled so an over lay would be very accetable. What makes you think there is no sub siding? have you opened a small area to see what is behind the siding?

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