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    Talking Re: TOH wants to know about your house's "mystery" details

    My Maternal Grandparents' San Francisco Victorian has a basement - with a small room for coal or storage; I am not sure which. The unique thing was the ceiling tiles that lined the ceilings througout the basement. It was made from printing tintypes from the San Francisco Call Bulletin the local daily newspapers! I have no idea where they came from or why they were tacked to the ceiliing - they could not have offered much insulating quality, not like all the newspapers stuffed into the walls! How I wished I had taken one of those tintypes with me before they both died!
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    Default Re: TOH wants to know about your house's "mystery" details

    (Belated) thanks for the info, Fencepost. We haven't removed it yet, but we definitely should.

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