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    I have a small garage that was built on a floating slab. I want to cut out the back wall and add an extension, around 10x12. What kind of floor to use? My concer is that the garage moves around one way, and the addition goes a different way, pulling it away from the garage. I live in Buffalo NY. From snow to sunshine, we have it all

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    Howdy attaching another floating slab and installing dowels to connect the two( boring holes in the slab and installing rebar or mores expensive cement anchors or even more expensive metal bracketing. I would bore holes and use a quality cement anchor mastic and rebar... so the building floats together. Be sure and check with local building department as they may have requirements about what and how you tie the slabs together.

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    A residential garage is part of a home, or an associated building, designed or used for storing a vehicle or vehicles. In some places the term is used synonymously with "carport", though that term normally describes a structure that is not completely enclosed.

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