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    Default Mold inside the walls - help please!


    As I posted in the HVAC thread, I was having an issue with moisture in one of my walls. Turns out the hot-water pipe to my shower had sprung a leak. Since this was discovered a couple of days ago, we opened the wall, had the pipe removed, and have been letting it air-dry, with the help of a fan blowing on the damp area.

    Although the wood appears to have dried, I did notice spots of mold on some areas of the wood (not the drywall, at least, not what I can see). I sprayed bleach mold/mildew killer where I saw mold, and then turned the fan back on it.

    From what I can see, the mold is gone, and the wood is dry. However, we still have a pretty strong musty smell coming from the wall. Would it make sense for me to point over some of the wood with KillZ or something of the like before I put drywall back over it? Are there any ways for me to make sure all the mold is gone? Any tips are welcome. Not only is it smelly, but I worry about having mold spread in the house - as my wife and I will be welcoming in our first child this upcoming Wednesday. I'd love to get this resolved, and the wall patched, ASAP.


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    Default Re: Mold inside the walls - help please!

    Yesterday I decided to remove some of the broken drywall and patch the hole that we'd left in the wall since the leak was discovered and repaired.

    As I pulled a bit of the drywall off, I discovered more mold. I'm not sure what the drywall is in my house - as it had thick brown paper back. This paper back has retained moisture, since it is flush with the wood beams that were damp in the first place.

    I pulled out a decent amount of this paper/drywall, noting that not only was it damp to the touch, but it had several raised mold spots. The smell was incredibly strong, perhaps because I disturbed it?

    I'm thinking I need to have someone come in and take down the entire wall and re-drywall it. The timing is pretty awful, my wife is scheduled to have her baby this evening, and I can't imagine bringing our newborn back into our house if there is a mold issue.

    Any suggestions/tips I should take into consideration as I get someone to clean up this mess?

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