I recently purchased an old Victorian with beautiful Oak trim and doors throughout the house. The condition of the woodwork is not great but at least it is not painted. It looks drab and beat up in places. There is cracks in some of the wood and some will need to be replaced. I am trying to figure out the best strategy to tackle this project.

Here are a couple of side notes before I start my many questions; I don't believe that we want to stain it, if necessary just a light stain to blend new and old wood where necessary. The wood does not seem to be varnished but I am not sure what, if any seal has been applied in the past.

First, for the wood that is in good condition what can I do to clean it up and bring out its full potential?

For the many areas where the wood is damaged, such as doors where the trim around the panels have are gouged and along the floor where the trim is split and missing, how do I match the new and old wood.

This is a big project and I know I want to do it right the first time so any advice is greatly appreciated.