I had a friend call me to see how to use the roof pitch degree settings on his New Bosch Miter Saw. I was like what are you smoking dude. Miter saws dont have roof pitch degree settings on them,so he sent me a picture from his phone of his new saw.

Well I'll be darn his saw does have roof pitch on it. Anyone know when saw manurfactures start doing this. Not that I need it but Im sure it would help the weekend warriors/novice,they have to be the reason it was added to the saws.
Are other saw manufactures doing the same thing ???

I looked up the Owners Manual to see how the manufacture explained how to use the roof pitch settings.Just so happens they dont even mention anything about the roof pitch settings. I find that pretty strange. Its obvious for the Pro's to understand,could it be the design engineers didnt know how to use it...lol




Cant say Ive ever seen this saw before,it looks pretty sweet. Anyone own one ??????