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    Default Water hammer shuts off shower

    When the hot water on my garden level shower is turned on at a moderate flow everything is ok. As the temp increases the flow starts to drop off and the pipes start to vibrate. If your turn up the flow everything is ok. If left alone the viberating gets worse until there is a hard bang and the flow stops. Turn the flow up a little and the water comes out fast and steady. f you adjust the flow down during your shower the samething happens. It only happens on this one faucet. Thanks, Higgs.

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    Default Re: Water hammer shuts off shower

    First try removing & cleaning the shower head by unscrewing it; if you have to use a pliers, first wrap a piece of cloth around it or duct/friction tape to avoid damaging the surface.

    Quite often small particles of crud build up inside the aerator of the shower head; clean thoroughly.

    If there is still a problem, this could also be caused by a piece of foreign material in the hot water supply, a defective washer, etc.

    Sometimes pieces of corrosion from the water heater make their way to a lower branch hot water line, or a piece of solder from work on the line is trapped inside; they may collect at the valve itself if too large to get to the shower head.

    Trapped air inside the line is a 3rd possibility.

    Could you describe the type & brand of shower valve and model number you have; are there separate handles for the hot & cold water, or is it one-handle type.

    Do you have access in back of the shower control to the copper/plastic piping immediatelly below the shower control, & is there a shutoff valve there.

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