I was watching Ask TOH this afternoon on the DIY TV Network and the DIY announcer pronounced Rich Trethewey's name like Treth away!

If this (TOH, Ask TOH) was a new show, I would say oops! But Rich has been associated with TOH for many years. I have no idea where this announcer, his engineers, his producers, and his supervisors have been over these years but they clearly did not check this! Should they all know who he is. Probably not. Should somebody have known?!? You bet! It really seems stupid and unprofessional!

Maybe the staff at TOH can contact them and get them to fix this. Obviously, this is not a major issue compared to everything else going on in the country today, but stamping out poor work fed to millions on CATV should be done to protect the TOH brand at least.

And maybe this site can fix its email address as contact@thisoldhouse.com does not appear to work today.