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    Default Contacting TOH - Bad Email Address

    I tried to send email to and it bounced.

    What is going on.

    I may have typed it incorrectly above but I did a copy and paste from the web site in my original email!

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    Default Re: Contacting TOH - Bad Email Address

    Scroll down to the lower left corner of the page and you'll see a "contact us" link. Use that.
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    Default Re: Contacting TOH - Bad Email Address

    Thanks for reminding folks about the Contact Us page, A.Spruce. It really helps if writers use the appropriate email address (subscriptions, magazine, TV, web) for the matter you're writing about. Here are a few others for specific columns in the magazine:

    Letter from TOH:

    Reader Remodel:

    Photoshop Redo:

    Save This Old House:

    Most of the public inboxes are monitored by only one or two people, who have to juggle this with their primary duties as editors or producers, so at deadline time, during TV production, over holiday weekends, etc., the boxes can get overloaded and shut down temporarily. If you have troubles with getting through, usually is the most consistently checked.

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