I'm going to be replacing an old door with a new prehung door. I'll be moving the door to where a window used to be. My question is this...there is old wood flooring in the house now. The owner isn't sure if he wants to keep the old wood floor or replace it with a new one. I think if he replaces it I would put the new floor right over the old floor. I don't think there is any subfloor under the old wood floor. So...would I need to install the door up higher to accomadate the new floor or do I just put it in so it fits the floor in there now incase he keeps the old floor?
(Sorry for stupid questions but I'm an amateur. My father did construction and I learned some from watching him but don't know all I need to know. I just know some of the basics.) And, yes, the owner who hired me knows I'm an amateur.