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    Default Garage Roof Framing

    I have a detached garage (20 x 32) that was built in 1929. I would like to replace the joist so I can have storage above as well as door openers for both cars. The doors I have are Barn Door sliders. I plan to replace one with a standard style and leave the slider on the other side. The existing joist are 2x4's. Approximately 30% of the joist are not single run. The rest are bowing a bit. The previous owners used it for storage above and has some 1x6's attached vertically from the raters. What would be the best way to approach this?

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    Default Re: Garage Roof Framing

    Consider installing a beam in the center of garage ceiling so the joists bear on it splitting the loading of the joists. The beam if steel will allow more head room or have and beam enginered from wood to bear the loads you structure and stored items and any postetial snow loading. With out more infor about the header of the garage doors its hard to then address how to support the center beam....

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