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    Default Looking for no-VOC solution

    I have a house that was built in 1930. We just replaced some windows. The problem is that the stool (inside ledge) is dried out. The finish is gone and while solid, it is very try (sun damage). The rest of the trim looks great--clear satin finish. What should I use to finish it? Any finish is gonna soak right in and disappear. Is there a VOC free oil to put down first? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Looking for no-VOC solution

    Hi Sorefoot,

    2 choices:
    a) Replace the lower ledge.
    b) Sand, re-stain, & refinish.

    The wood itself is degraded there, and has to be sanded away for stain to take properly.
    * Sand down to sound/even wood.
    * End at ~ 100-grit smoothness.
    * Apply stain...preferably Oil. I've not been impressed with any water-based stains. They tend to swell grain too much, leading to more sanding, and the tint-strength isn't the best. I can't stand them actually!
    * When you've got good color, recoat with an Oil Poly or Varnish (3 coats minimum). Waterlox is a nice Tung-Oil to use. NOT odor/voc free though...but beautiful!

    VOC-free stuff?

    Sorry...good VOC-free options don't exist in this case! I wouldn't even consider it. Oils would look better next to the older trim anyway.


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