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    Default add pilot light for vented gas logs?

    My house has an old wood burning fireplace that was converted to gas with a set of vented gas logs. Currently there is a manual valve that I need to turn on while holding a lighter in the fireplace to light it. Is there any way to install some sort of pilot light, so I don't need to light it with a match or lighter every time? Ideally I'd like to be able to turn a knob and/or press a button and the fireplace will light on it's own. Kind of like a gas grill.

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    Default Re: add pilot light for vented gas logs?

    I'm sure it could be done but it is not a DIY job. Try calling the gas company or someone that sells gas logs . If they can't do it I'm sure they could put you in contact with someone that could.
    Gas is nothing to play with.


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