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    Default Re: What's Up With Zinser BIN?

    Quote Originally Posted by jkirk View Post
    in regards to contractors.. we will stick with products that perform. its near impossible for a respectable contractor to stand by their finish product warrenty wise if they use a inferior product and know it
    Couldn't agree anymore.

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    Default Re: What's Up With Zinser BIN?


    I am not sure I see the relationship of the Gulf spill and the cost of paint. The VOC's, which are basically oil based carbon rings, are a very small part of today's latex or acrylic paints. The VOC's are put in to give desirable qualities to the paint. The main part of paint is water as a solvent and acrylic resin (from acrylic acid). The balance being mainly the pigments such as titanium dioxide. I have not noticed any spike in paint products in the last several months. They have been stable or even fallen slightly seasonally. Price increases usually appear in springtime.

    BIN is merely shellac with pigment added. Its solvent is denatured grain alcohol, normally mostly derived from corn. Denatured alcohol is presently selling for about $16 per gallon, far from the $40 being asked for BIN. I have to assume the cost spike is in the shellac flakes. Clear shellac recently went up too, but not as much as BIN.

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