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    Default Basement floor drain/plumbing

    Hi- Hopefully this is pretty specific. I am planning to move my washer & dryer to a new location in the basement. I have a 1916 house with a below-grade basement, and no plumbing issues currently. These questions are solely about drainage and venting.

    The basement has a floor drain that used to have a "bell" trap on it (the kind you need to keep wet). This has rusted out, but the pipe below appears to be in good shape. I want to plumb the washer into this drain.

    1. Is it required by code to have a floor drain in a basement? (yes i know it is desired, just curious on this one)

    2. I assume that other than the bell trap, there is no other trap in the pipe after this?

    3. The pipe opening looks to be about 4.5" inside diameter. i believe it is cast iron. what is the preferred method for connecting to cast iron? Is there anything that i can use that sits on the inside diameter as opposed to a fernco on the outside?

    4. If I plan on putting in a new floor drain as well as plumbing into this, i would want to attach a 90 right off the top of the drain, and then split for the laundry drain, and then the basement drain off the other split.

    5. Can you do a floor drain with a 2" pipe? i don't want to take up too much space with the p-trap for the floor drain.

    6. What is the code requirement for amount of fill/concrete over pipes that are buried.

    7. i will vent the washer with a 2" AAV. (no access to roof line). i can get the vent pipe outside, jsut not to the roof. Can you use these outside? is that preferable? Anything to look out for?
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