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    Our kitchen sink is made of cast iron and is covered with, I believe, a white coat of enamel. After a few occasions of over-night dishes left soaking in the sink, rings of rust have developed. It is a double sink and has a rather deep depth which helps make washing dishes a quicker chore. I have not seen this type of sink in any home improvement stores. It is original to the house and I would like to keep it. Is there anything I can do to save the sink?

    Thank you.

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    You can try to find a company that will recoat the enamel, but be forewarned, they don't usually want to because of the amount of abuse a sink get. Even if you can get it recoated, don't count on a warranty, again, too much abuse. Lastly, recoats are not as strong, hard, or durable as the original finish, so don't expect more than 2 to 5 years out of it, particularly if you use cleansers.
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    since it is a sink and not a tub, you could always remove it and have it sent out to be refinished professionally and you would get a better job than someone coming to your place to do it because it can be done under very controled conditions. i've even heard of auto body shops that will take on a job like this if you can bring it in to them.

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    Default Re: Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

    You might try filling the sink and pour in some Ironout and letting it soak.
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    Use a dish pan if you want to soak something, don't let metal things sit in the sink they will rust.

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