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    Default seeding the lawn

    I was chatting with someone from the cold part of Canada. He told me that they also seed in the spring, right on top of the snow. The water helps the seed grow, and, no weeds of course. Any one hear of doing this? and would it work in New England?

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    Default Re: seeding the lawn

    It might, but why bother? In the northeast, you can overseed in April and have a good growth in 30 days. Although the very best time to seed is in the fall. After power-raking our lawn last year to rid it of crabgrass, we put down fresh topsoil, seed, peat moss and starter fertilizer. It came up in 3 weeks and is now thick and green in late March (we live in NY).

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    Default Re: seeding the lawn

    I've done this in upstate NY. Seed, and then a layer of mulch hay over the seed, right on top of the snow. The grass came in great! The only problem I can envision is that if you get a fast snow-melt or a very rainy end-of-winter / early-spring, you can have a lot of the seed and/or mulch washed away before it touches the ground.

    Good luck.


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