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    A few weeks ago there was a story on replacing a bath tub faucet. There was no access panel installed and you were required to make an opening in the existing wall board. When completed, you installed an access panel with spring loaded clips on the back side that did not require any type of framing, support, etc. Can anyone provide me ordering information for this product? Thanks, Terry

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    The Spring Fit Access Panels were manufactured by Watts Water Technologies - more information here - http://www.wattscanada.ca/pdf/ES-Springfit.pdf and on their homepage -http://www.wattswater.com/
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    Oh gosh save your money and just frame a simple frame to screw it too. If you dont want to notice the screws, fill the x (inset the screws or at least flush. It will probably be 10 yrs before you need to access it again anyway. For me, it was 10 yrs almost to the day ha ha.

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    Hello, Yes, don't waste you money on clips. Frame it in, use 1/2" drywall or a piece of 1/4" luan with trim around it to finish it off. I guess it all depends on where the access door is? If its in a closet, no problem, in a hallway or somewhere people can see. Finish it off better. Hope to help. GregC
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