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    Default Linoleum floor bubblinh

    Anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of the bubbling of linoleum on my bathroom floor? I think when it was installed a few months ago it was glued on the perimeter. I don't want to rip it up or slice the linoleum. Thanks

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    Default Re: Linoleum floor bubblinh

    if it was just glued down around the perimeter, that's the wrong way to install it, you're bound to get bubbling. the only solution i can think of in that case is to replace it, call the installers, they screwed it up. if there's a small bubble or a few small bubbles, to fix them, make a small slit with a razor, about and inch long right in the middle of the bubble and squeeze in some of the adhesive used for flooring, use a small roller to set it down, clean off the glue that oozes out and leave a heavy book on it for a few hours. the slit should disappear or become unnoticable.

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