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    Default Insulating exterior walls

    Hi all my house was built in 1939 and I live in CT. My walls are cold and are in need of insulation. I am getting mold on lower parts of my walls on and near the molding. Will insulating the walls help? I have a crawl space that has dampness and I must address this also. Any help would be great.

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    Default Re: Insulating exterior walls

    sounds like you need a combination of insulation and vapor barrier, warm moist air is escaping through the floor which can be a cause for the moisture, also the crawl space should be vented to allow the dampness to escape,

    these are tough spaces to insulate, consulting a proffesional insulator about spray foam is your best bet
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    Default Re: Insulating exterior walls

    I would agree that it sounds like you need insulation and a vapor barrier, which is tough because the vapor barrier needs to be behind the existing drywall, but I believe that there are vapor barrier paints available. I'm not sure how well they work, but worth the research. Personally, I would steer you toward cellulose insulation. I recently found that the foam insulation in my exterior walls has shrunk and separated leaving gaps throughout the house (determined with an I.R. camera).


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