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    Default Home rebuild after fire

    Hello All,

    I am about to submit a estimate on a home that burnt down. However I think the block and basement slab can be used but I'm concerned about the heat and how it has affected the block strength and is there a standard way of testing them to insure there structural stability. In other word can I just build on the existing block?The walls don,t seem to be blackened by the fire to much.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Default Re: Home rebuild after fire

    your local building inspector should be able to tell you if the old foundation can be used or not.

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    Default Re: Home rebuild after fire

    I would think an engineer would need to evaluate the integrety of the foundation.

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    Default Re: Home rebuild after fire

    Howdy consider contacting the home owners insurance to see if they paid to replace the foundation? the insurer is experienced in determining if the foundation is reusable. Allot of the time it is.
    Another large cost is the debris removal that is necessary before you rebuild on this site it can be quite pricy and again theinsurance coveres that cost. Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Home rebuild after fire

    Hire a structual engineer for an evaluation on the block. It wont cost you much, but will be money well spent. As stated above talk to the building dept to see if theres any other things that may come into play or restrict you from doing. Depending on where you live the 50/50% rule will more than likly kick in changing what you can and cant do.
    Once your past the 50/50 rules setbacks among other things come into play.
    I'm not so sure about the comment in the above post about the insurance issues. Your buying the house as is, so I would doubt insurance issues come into play. You either want it or you dont. Whats to say the house wasnt paid for (No mortage) and the owners even had insurance or a very limited replacement policy for fire. It wouldnt hurt to explore the insurance concept. My guess is it wont work out for you.
    It all boils down to dollars and cents,what you buy it for and what its going to take to get it completed the way you want it.
    Do your homework.

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