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    Default Heating a stone flooras a mass to improve heat in whole house

    Dear Readers,

    My name is Garrett P. edmands abd I am working on a turn of 20ieth century home of a friend of mine in Western Mass, in the Berkshire mountains.
    This home has three floors,built in 1910, is colonial post and beam with a limestone basement floor where the kitchen and dinign room and living room are situated.

    My problem is that it is freezing down here. We have a propane gas forced hot air furnace, always on right now, and I have moved some heating terminals to the floor instead of where they were first placed, at the ceiling.
    This has not helped too much.
    I understand that if you heat the stone, like those russian kacholofen soapstone stoves, then the heat will rise and the whole house will glow with the pleasantry of a warm house!!.
    What system could I ue to heat this stone mass during the winter months and have it becost efficient and then just maintain the heat of the stone once it's heated up to a degree.

    I would love to hear some solutions.
    Gedmands@gmail.com 541 890 8582

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    Default Re: Heating a stone flooras a mass to improve heat in whole house

    Isn't it the placement of the southern windows that heat it? The sun heats the stone and then it is released during the day/night??? Try searching passive solar house design. I think a wood stove is used as a backup heat source.

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