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    Red face Choosing a paint color for a room

    Hi, at first I did not have trouble choosing colors till I reached the Den; now Im stumped. Our bedroom down the hall is a baby bluish, after you leave there and go through the hall(short ) which I painted a Caramel color, the small bathroom in the hall is a Sage Green, now it opens into the Den, and Im lost. Reason being we have a really big Brick fireplace, measuing 11'-7 and 1/2" wide, with a stoop on one wall in the Den. Its red brick with other dark colors in it. The room is dark with no windows; except we put in some French patio doors in it a couple of years ago; which lets in some light, but room is still dark. The den also opens up into our dining and kitchen area; which also needs painting. Any suggestions on some colors for the Den and dining and Kitchen area?
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    Well, you're definitely going to want to go with a light color in the windowless den (unless, of course, you're planning on turning it into a dedicated movie-watching place.) Green is always a great (and natural) complement to red, so consider continuing with the sage green or, if the brick has some orangey hints, try a pale blue-green shade. Then you can think about tying together the two rooms by painting the dining room red (a popular choice for this kind of space since the color tends to stimulate appetites.)

    Of course, every space (and homeowner's taste) is different so play around with a color wheel and look for some inspiration in color stories, like these:,00.html,00.html,00.html

    Also, most paintmaker's websites let you digitally play around with how colors can look in your space. Check out these sites if you're interested:
    benjamin moore
    sherwin williams
    pratt & lambert

    Hope this helps. Happy renovating!

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    I am a painter and I get color questions alot. I have started using a product called the color helper. Its a small hand held device that can help you match and choose colors. It can read colors on your walls or many other things then offers suggestions from many paint color fan decks or just one. Their web site is I had tried to use the ****** sites to pick color but did not have luck because the screen is diffrent from the color fan. Get a color fan from the paint you like and a color helper it made my life alot better. Good luck!!

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