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    Question Open bar-like pass-through from kitchen to another room

    We have an idea to open our small kitchen to another room by breaking down part of a wall. There will be a backsplash from my (kitchen) side and then a bar-like counter so folks can sit and talk or do homework while I work in the kitchen. The wall is a supporting wall, though, and the opening could only be about 3.6 feet wide before we encounter a supporting post within the wall. I'd like to view various ideas like this but can't find anything out in web-land to help. The Big Question: What would you call this opening I'm describing? How can I flesh out this idea? Any links someone could give me? Thanks,

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    Default Re: Open bar-like pass-through from kitchen to another room

    That is generally called a "pass through". If you've got a major structural post in the middle of the wall, it may not be possible to create the open effect you're looking for. My first recommendation would be to leave the post and work around it, having a pass through on either side of it, however if it's not in the center of the opening, then it will not be aesthetic.

    Another option would be to remove the post AFTER sufficient restructuring and resupporting has been done. Albeit more expensive and involved, this means would leave you with an unobstructed opening.

    This link is the first hit in Google that explains some of what you're asking:
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    Default Re: Open bar-like pass-through from kitchen to another room

    if the supporting post is far enough out of the way, as i think you described, then you can open up the wall 3 1/2 feet. you just have to put a header in. as for the dimension of that header, it will depend on a few things. the local building inspector, if he's a nice guy, might be able to size it out for you. it mostly depends on what the supporting wall is supporting. if it's a bedroom, probably 2, 2x8's might do for a 3 1/2 foot opening, if it's a bathroom with a tub, you might have to triple them up or use 2x10's. get a professional in there to look at it, alot of jobs a home owner can do but when it comes to structural issues, plumbing and electrical issues you should make sure everything is up to code.

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