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    Question Have to flush SIX-TEN times before all the water & 'stuff' goes down?!

    I recently purchased a house and have noticed that in order to get all of the water and "stuff" to go out of the bowl and really flush, we have to flush the toilet six to ten times, waiting about 5 minutes in between. Is this something that should be a fairly cheap / easy fix or am I going to need a new toilet.

    1. it is an elongated bowl, chair height toilet
    2. we've already put all new 'guts' in and the problem persists
    3. the water level in the tank is all the way up and all water is draining from the tank with every flush, just not from the bowl.
    4. It is really gross to have #2 hanging out in the toilet for a half an hour after it's put in there!!

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    Default Re: Have to flush SIX-TEN times before all the water & 'stuff' goes down?!

    There is probably something stuck in the neck of the toilet. Start with a toilet whip and see if you can dislodge whatever is there. If you don't get anything out, you'll need to pull the toilet, take it outside, flip it upside down and back-flush it with a hose and/or the toilet whip.

    You'll need a new wax ring to reset the toilet, and probably new hold down bolts as well. You should be able to turn the water off right at the toilet, but have rags and a catch basin handy because you will get some water coming out of the supply line when you remove it from the toilet.
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    Default Re: Have to flush SIX-TEN times before all the water & 'stuff' goes down?!

    It can also be caused by calcium build up in the bowl, not allowing the water to enter the bowl at a rate fast enough to flush it. Try pouring a large bucket of water directly into the bowl at a fast rate. If it flushes doing this then you have a buildup in the bowl. You can try to remove the buildup but in most cases it is best to replace it.


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