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    Default trickling sound in toilet

    My toilet wasn't running, but it had a sound of water trickling. It is not doing it now because I got someone to fix it, but it always starts up again and I would like to fix it myself next time. I am single now and am keen on learning how to take care of problems myself instead of living with them for months.

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    Default Re: trickling sound in toilet

    There are two things:

    1. The tank may be filling too much or think its not being filled. If you have an older style tank with a long metal rod connected to a large plastic/rubber ball on the end, called the float arm, then you can try bending the rod down towards the water a tiny bit.

    2. You can try to see if the flapper valve is not seating correctly. The flapper valve is the rubber thing on the bottom of the inside of the tank. When, you press the handle to flush, this flap is pulled up and lets water escape. Over time, this flapper and crack or start to bend and not sit flat. To see if this is the cause, you can try to put a few drops of food coloring or dye in the water inside the tank. If after a few minutes you start to see the colored water inside the toilet bowl, you know its not sealing correctly. You can find replacement flapper valves from you local plumbing or home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes. It's pretty cheap and its great if you can bring the old one with you to find the correct one.

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