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Thread: New shower

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    Default New shower

    We want to install a new shower that we saw Tom Silva install. We thought it was mad from styrofoam. It looked very easy and solid. We have looked high and low but no one has heard of it. can someone help us?.

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    I think I saw the same thing you did but I respectfully believe you are mistaken as to who installed the shower, It was Mark Ferrante Joe Ferrantes brother and the whole shower was not styrofoam as I remember it anyway. The show I am thinking of was on This Old House and it was the pre-built house that was timber frame and that was a shower base. I think it was the Weston house but could have the name wrong.
    I myself didn't really care for that shower pan although I guess it would do but personally think that even a fiberglass shower surround which I am also not a fan of would be better and would last longer as the styrofoam base is really new to the market and hasn't really had the test of time yet.
    I imagine it would be cheaper but you know the old saying you get what you pay for. My concern is that it might break down over time and cause a leak, really hard to say. Good Luck on your project.

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    Default Re: New shower

    I'm wondering if you're thinking of the Schluter-KERDI-SHOWER-KIT.
    Google will link you up to the manufacturer Schluter.

    Tom highlighted this on an episode of Ask TOH and I think they may have even used it in the new/old house.

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