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    We are remodeling a home that has a porch on three sides--lots of porch! The ceiling needs to be redone and since we are on a tight budget we were wondering what would be the most economical fix that would still look good. It now has pressed board that was never painted and painting it as it is now is not an option.

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    if ceiling is dry and doesn't seem to have any moisture problems, a few "cheaper" options would be to put up 4x8 sheets of beadboard or the like. it comes in several different styles, primied and unprimed and you can find it at your local home center store. you can get from 3/16" thick to 1/2" thick. simply cut to fit and finish nail it to the rafters then you can use maybe 1/4 round around the edges to trim it out. you can put it up right over the old's an example of the prefinished beadboard that comes in 4x8 sheets.
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    Beadboard will cover quickly, but still would need painting in time. Another option is to use vinyl soffitt material to cover the area. I haven't priced it for a while, so I don't know how much this would end up costing.

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