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    Unhappy concrete steps that have scratches

    My tenant had a go at my new concrete steps with an ice chipper and left dents and scratches in the concrete. What can I do to remove them? Is there such a thing as sanding concrete smooth?
    I'd hate the thought of looking at this damage everytime I use my entrance. Please help with a solution. Thank you.

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    Default Re: concrete steps that have scratches

    Depending on how deep the scratches are, you could just use some of the concrete patching compound to smooth them out. If not, you might think about tiling the treads to dress them up.

    Good Luck.

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    Wink Re: concrete steps that have scratches

    If the scratches are just superficial they will wear away in time. You might want to call a good cement contractor to look at it, there are all types of coatings with bonding agents on the market today. They may have a satisfactory solution for you.


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