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    Question Decayed Root Ruts

    One half of our lawn is a sorry mess. There are two stumps & root systems that were removed at different times in the past. The stumps were ground down, but each year the below-grade stump and root systems rot a little more leaving awful furrows and deep divot in the yard surface.

    What, if anything, can be done? I've thought about removing the sod and filling in the cavities gravel, then laying down new topsoil and replacing the sod. But, I don't think this will stop the rot that caused the ground to sink. Any help?

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    Default Re: Decayed Root Ruts

    DON'T fill with gravel, fill with compost or topsoil. If you do it in 1/2" layers the grass will naturally grow to fill the voids. If you want to fill in one shot, fill it, tamp it, fill it again, then either apply seed or sod so that you have a level, contiguous grass line. Adding gravel to low spots will create a huge mess!
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