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    Default Kitchen drain gurgles loudly when toilet is flushed

    My wife has me remodeling the bathroom in our very small '70's farmhouse. I had to move toilet location about 4' from its original position. After drain lines and water supply lines were reconected there is a very loud gurgleing noise in kitchen sink drain (about 10' away) when toilet is flushed. Kitchen sink drains into 3" drain line just after the toilet inlet. I think the toilet drain water is sucking the water and air out of kitchen drain as it flushes.
    Is this a venting problem? The old house has 1 stack but it comes after all drains are fed into main line. I would like to fix this problem without cutting another hole in my new roof.

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    Default Re: Kitchen drain gurgles loudly when toilet is flushed

    it is definitely s venting issue. moving the toilet was probably the culprit. there's limits on how far a fixture can be from a vent depending on what kind of fixture it is and how large the drain pipes are. any licensed plumber should be able to figure out exactly what happened and why and be able to remedy the situation.

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    Default Re: Kitchen drain gurgles loudly when toilet is flushed

    This is DEFINITELY a venting problem. Unfortunately, I dont have a solution but a plumber or someone else here might be able to direct you on how to resolve the issue better than I would.

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