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    Unhappy Faucets emit rotten egg smell for 30 seconds

    On-going concern i have to run the cold water faucet on every sink for 30 minutes prior to using and there is an odor like rotten eggs. Previously i was advised to check the water softener, which i did and i have run bleach through the softener 4 times and its still there. All copper pipes. The hot water is not affected just cold. Any advise?

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    Default Re: Faucets emit rotten egg smell for 30 seconds

    Do you have a well? If so have the water quality checked. It's inexpensive. Also try mixing a gallon of bleach with five gallons of water and pour it down the well. Then rinse the wiring and connections with fresh water to remove any chance of corrosion. Turn off the softener with the bypass valve and run the water through an outside spigot until there is no more bleach oder or taste. This will take an hour or more. You don't want the bleach in your septic system. Also never run bleach through the softener system as it can ruin the resin in the tank. If you have a well and oder in the hot water see "smelly hot water" by Greg A. Some smells from the well are seasonal, flushing helps this. You may also want to see my thread: Benedlr, Water filters. Hope this helps.
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