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    Question Cabinet installation under granite countertop

    Can a replacement cabinet be installed under sink and granite countertop without removing them? By piecing cabinet together under counter? Using same cabinet face, made of oak.

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    Default Re: Cabinet installation under granite countertop

    You've hit one of my pet peeves in life; improperly installed base cabinets.

    Base cabinets are supposed to be installed by screwing the cabinets to each other and the wall with allowance for the cabinets to someday be unscrewed (access to the screws at a decent angle) The plywood for the counter is supposed to be screwed to the cabinets from below, allowing the cabinet to someday be removable. What happens in reality, the plywood gets plopped into place and then screwed into the cabinets from above. This is much easier for the installer. Not so good for the next guy.

    If you have factory cabinets, your new cabinet should be able to be slid into place, screwed to the adjoining cabinets, and life is good. If you have built in place cabinets you're pretty much going to have to make it up as you go along, unless they were built like factory cabinets.

    Got pics?

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