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    Default Basement storage room

    I have a basement storage room that is under our front door concrete patio. The walls are concrete and the ceiling has the metal form used to set the concrete. I am having trouble keeping water out of the room. I painted masonery waterproofing on the walls but the metal form on the ceiling is rusting creating particles that fall off. There is also water dropplets forming on the metal form thus rusting. What can i do to stop this?

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    Default Re: Basement storage room

    You're going to need to figure out whether the water is coming in from above the slab, via cracks or whatever, or if it is just condensation from the moisture content in the room being very high. Figure out the source of the water and fix that before going further and you'll be OK. You could start with a de-humidifier in the room and see how that makes things feel. Also, is the moisture only seasonal or is it all year round. It might give you some clue also. Keep investigating a little longer before you start on a remedy.

    Good Luck.

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    Howdy, the concrete paito is it a covered enclosed patio?
    Concrete is pourus and the moisute could be wicking in from the patio. What type of water barrier was used bewtewwn the concrete and the metal frame? Cracks in the paito, expansion joints?....
    pictures would help.

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