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    Default Installing a Bathroom fan

    This is a very loaded question.

    I am installing a bathroom fan that was previous vented directly into the attic. The insulation around the fan is probably ruined, and will probably make me sick if I mess around with it without my respirator. I am not concerned with that at the moment.

    I live in a 1950's ranch, in Cleveland, Ohio. We are in the middle of a pretty cold winter. My current project is the bathroom, which is now torn down to the studs. While I have the walls ripped out, I was going to run a new electrical line to the bathroom. So, the scope of the project is to run new wire to the fan, and vent the fan to the outside. But I have all this insulation in the way, and all the electrical is run underneath the insulation. Can I trash the insulation and temporarily run batts over the bathroom, until we get out of the winter and I am able to fix the problem? Also, the fan is much larger than the original.

    If this is the way to go, what is the best way to trash the insulation? I was thinking about a trash can underneath the hole for the fan and push it out from up top. I also believe there are mice.

    The insulation looks like a neon yellow fiberglass insulation. Could I potentially be dealing with asbestos?

    Would anyone actually call in the removal team in the middle of winter to get rid of the insulation now, instead of making the patch?

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    Default Re: Installing a Bathroom fan

    Quote Originally Posted by Ehren View Post
    Can I trash the insulation and temporarily run batts over the bathroom, until we get out of the winter and I am able to fix the problem?
    What you're talking about doing is only a couple of hours worth of work, if that. Carefully remove the insulation, do your wiring, duct, and fan work, and reset the original insulation. Done! No need to temp in new insulation, besides, you're going to want clear access to do the work anyway.

    Is that insulation asbestos? Probably not, it's likely just nasty fiberglass. Wear long sleeves with a tight collar, dust mask, safety glasses, and gloves. Just carefully roll it back into the attic out of your way, do your work, then roll it back into place.
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    Default Re: Installing a Bathroom fan

    spruce is righ on the money with what to do. if you do want to remove it, follow his safety guidelines and when you roll it up, put it into trash bags and dispose of it. that yellow insulations is just fiberglass, not asbestos. but i can assure you that if you don't use at least a dust mask, you'll start coughing 2 minutes into the job and not stop until you've been done for over an hour.

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