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    Default landscaping with drainage

    We have recently purchased our first home and I am eager to start planning our landscaping for the front and back yards. We have a ravine to the side of our property and when it rains, the water runs in a big circle around the house and eventually down into the ravine. The previous owners had laid gravel down along the "stream bed" that is created when it rains... most of the gravel is now gone. What can I do to landscape that will not interfere with the flow of water, but will look nice and not like I threw a bunch of gravel down willy nilly. I was concerned that if I created a bordered gravel path that it might hinder the water flow? Thanks.

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    Default Re: landscaping with drainage

    Pictures would be helpful. How deep/wide is the ravine? What other features are available to work with?

    Just off the top of my head, perhaps larger river rock, 3 inch diameter or better to hold the smaller rock and prevent running away. A raised border of any type my divert water. Can the ravine be made shallower and wider or have some curves put into it to slow water flow?

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    Default Re: landscaping with drainage

    maybe you could dig a culvert line it with geofabric fill with course rock so you have a sub soil drainage system

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