Ok, I'm completely new to plumbing so be gentle please. I recently replaced my jetpump with a new flotec 3/4 horse pumpe running on 110V. After getting all in place the pump will pump up to the desired 50psi and the pressure switch kicks it off. There are no open faucets or anything in the house but the pressure immediately drops to cut-on the pump which it does and repeats. I have a check valve within 5" of the pump in a vertical position. When the pump shuts off I hear what sounds like an air leak but I can't tell for sure where its coming from. It's been suggested that the foot valve in the well (which is shared with neighbor could be bad. My thought is that as long as the check valve I installed just outside the pump is working that it should hold pressure. Am I incorrect here? Any suggestions would be great as I'm really not into paying a plumber tons of money before we even know what the problem really is. If I've left anything out please feel free to ask and I'll describe as needed or even post some pictures.