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    Default toe kick heater on timer?

    I'm planning on installing a Qmark QTS1500T(120V, 750 or 1500W, 6.3 or 12.5 amps) toe-kick heater below a bath vanity. I chose this one due to it's small size & the space I have available:

    http://www.wamhomecenter.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=34230&utm_source=Froogle&utm _medium=Feed&utm_campaign=Product<BR>

    The unit has an internal thermal protection and a built in thermostat range of 45-85 degrees.

    I'd like to control the on-off of this unit through a "Leviton LTB30-1LZ Decora 1800W Incandescent/20A Resistive-Inductive 1HP Preset 5-10-15-30 Minute Countdown Timer Switch", amazon has it at:


    The Leviton switch seems to be rated for the load of the heater.

    Are there any other concerns about pairing up this combination?

    Another option would be a mechanical egg-timer (twist to set) switch, but the Leviton would be better, if it works.


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    Default Re: toe kick heater on timer?

    It looks like it would work just fine. It appears you will need a 20 amp circuit (#12 wire) to meet the 125% sizing for the NEC.
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