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    Smile Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

    I removed a cast iron oil-fired boiler made by Thatcher Furnace Company from a friend's basement. I was planning to scrap it, but it is in excellent condition, and I would hate to see it junked if there is any demand for these things. It comes apart in 6 slices, roughly 250lbs each. Any ideas? Here are some pics. The wet looking stuff is PB Blaster, it took a whole can to get those bolts free!

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    Default Re: Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

    If it works it is worth the price of a new boiler!
    I think it is ingenious! These days a boiler won't go past a decade or two-

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    Default Re: Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

    Brings back some old memories. I have assembled many of them. But I would say it's scrap. First off if you take it apart you will need new push nipples to reassemble it and I don't think you will be able to find them. Second that thing when it was new it had a 68 percent efficiency rating. Bye today standers that's not very good. As far as 250lbs per section if memory serves my right the front and rear section are closer to 325 each.


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