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    Default Sticky Paint After Months

    We re-did our staircase pulling the carpet off and refinishing the pine treads. We stained the treads and painted the rises white. On both surfaces, where an environmentally safe paint stripper was used, the paint or stain has been left sticky. A second attempt at sanding and painting has helped, but I we would like to see if there is a better solution that will fix all areas. As far as we can remember, instructions for allowing the stripper to settle and be removed were followed.

    Thanks for anyone's help.

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    Default Re: Sticky Paint After Months

    Hi there,

    the paint on the risers is sticky right? sounds like the sripper has reacted with the layer you're stripping. I would sand then seal with bin or Z-Prime then repaint. The wood has aged enough for sap-release not to be a consideration i think.

    Garrett P Edmands

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