ANYone know...
- where we'd find someone that can match exisiting custom profile galvanized steel gutters?
- roughly what 25 feet of it would cost?
- and any other common issues we should expect to run into?

Our church has 40 to 50 y.o. galvanized steel gutters. They are in a custom profile -- in other words, it has the ogee of a standard 'K' at the bottom but a box above that. Two 8-11 ft sections on one side have significant rust and need replacing.

We are being told by gutter contractors to replace the entire run with standard profile (facia or 'K') aluminum gutters along one or both sides of the entire building at a cost higher than we'd like to lay out at this time.

I am wondering whether we could find someone to roll the 2 sections we need to replace at a cost less (how much?) than what we've been quoted so far. Thank you!